Let Nitra wow you into Zumba shape

Nitra is a Singer, Model, Motivator, and Zumba Fitness Fanatic.  She began dancing and performing at a very young age. With the distractions of everyday life she put her love for dance and music on hold while dealing with day to day situations and struggles. In 2010 Auanitra attended her first Zumba class and was instantly hooked. She also lost the 25lbs that she had gained during this process.  She once again found her love for dance and music at the forefront of her life.  She now shares her passion for helping others, having fun, and staying positive with the world.

“Whether you come from a background of extensive dancing, love to dance, or want to try something extraordinary that will get your blood pumping and heart rate up-Zumba is worth every drop of sweat.” The International charm and Latin influence makes every class feel like a party!
Nitra strives to make her classes exciting and fun! She enjoys introducing people to a fantastic fitness program that they can look forward to, ultimately improving their well being, quality of life, and Health.

You can catch a full interview with Nitra on Nathan speaks blog talk radio 6.30pm Monday January 23rd she’ll be taking your question at  323-410-0017


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