• Charles Barkley dirty dark secret
  • Why should Americans die for Iraq?
  • Where’s the outrage for our own nonsense?
  • The only way to stop the killing is!
  • They’ll keep killing us until we stop killing ourselves
  • What would you do if the police slap your mom?
  • Charge every cop on the scene for Eric Garner death
  • America homeless residents need that 3 billion you found for the illegals
  • Al Morganti, so you hate Oprah Winfery’s fat face hun
  • So what Donald Sterling a racist

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Charles Barkley dirty dark secret

Thanks Charles Barkley I had writers block until you opened your arrogant mouth about the statement one of Russell Wilson’s teammates made about him not being black enough, let me say his teammate wasn’t some poor bum black man he was a highly paid athlete who made his... Read more

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